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There are problems and there are opportunities. A successful businessman is the one who grabs and capitalizes on opportunities, identifies and rectifies problems with excellent solutions. Both opportunities and problems keep knocking the doors of business. At times a businessman falls short in capitalizing opportunities and rectifying problems due to lack of right skill and resources. The remedy for above situation is to find the right resource that has competence and ability to cater said needs effectively.

At JIMS DLAR we provide effective analytical solutions to complex industry problems. Problems that pertains various areas of business management e.g. Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, International Business, Information Technology Management and Operations Management.

The strength of jims dlar lies with its eminent analysts. The analysts are experts are highly qualified and experts in their areas. The level of creativity and intellect of analysts at jims dlar is unmatched. The experience of executing industry projects with contemporary tools of analysis adds on to their armoury big time.

JIMS DLAR successfully completed number of industry projects. By executing these projects jims dlar benefited companies by providing solutions to their complicated industry problems and by suggesting effective strategies to capitalize on market opportunities. The solutions suggested by jims dlar are not only applied but highly appreciated. By implementing solutions suggested by jims dlar team the multidimensional positive growth is experienced by many. 

At JIMS DLAR we understand value of time. In highly fluid contemporary business environment any idea has to be converted in to reality in least amount of time. Effective time management at jims dlar makes it an elite organization with zero lead times in delivering the projects.

If you see an opportunity; we will tell you the ways to crack it open. If you cannot see the opportunity; we will spot one for you. If you have a problem; we have the solution.

The scope of research at JIMS DLAR is spread over all functions of management such as;


Marketing is one of the most soughed research areas of management. JIMS DLAR understands the importance of marketing for any business and hence provides effective solution to marketing challenges. Following areas of marketing are covered for research projects and opportunity identification:

  1. Brand Management
  2. Consumer Behavior
  3. Services Marketing
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Logistics and Material Management
  8. Sales and Distribution Management
  9. International Marketing
  10. Industrial Marketing
  11. Advertisement Management
  12. Crowd Sourcing
  13. Marketing Analytics
  14. Business Research

Human Resource Management

Machines do not make companies, humans do. Human resource management is at the core of any business. Keeping in view the importance of Human Resource Management for any business JIMS DLAR has provided amazing solutions in the area. Apart from solution JIMS DLAR also build Human Resource Management structure for companies. The areas of research and development catered by JIMS DLAR are:

  1. Training Design
  2. Training Evaluation
  3. Design of Appraisal System
  4. Manpower Management
  5. Recruitment Process Development
  6. Motivation Strategy Development


Doing right thing at right time keeps a company ahead. At JIMS DLAR we take care of operations functions. We understand the need of optimization. Modern day tools and techniques are used for optimization of resources. The core idea is to have maximum throughput by putting least input while the smoothness of process is ensured. The areas of operations covered by JIMS DLAR are:

  1. Production Management
  2. Operations Management
  3. Transpiration Management
  4. Assignment of Jobs
  5. Sequencing
  6. Scheduling
  7. Waiting line Management
  8. Optimization of Resource
  9. Project Management
  10. Inventory Management
  11. Simulation


Every penny saved is penny earned. We at JIMS DLAR done financial planning for entrepreneurs and companies. The financial solution suggested by JIMS DLAR served clients big way. A better financial planning gives a flexibility of fund management. Few areas of financial research undertaken by JIMS DLAR are;

  1. Cash Flow Management
  2. Fund Management
  3. Valuation
  4. Balance Sheet Maintenance and Analysis
  5. Cost Forecasting
  6. Expenses Management