JIMS Digital Library of Academic Research


Research and Development is the backbone in establishing humans as superior most species on this planet. Thirst and assumption of existence of something better are the key ingredients of development of mankind. The prime question to be answered is, who quenches this thirst. The thrust of having a better is quenched by researchers. Opportunities of research and development in every walk are infinite. JIMSDLAR is the organization which is committed to stand for a better life on planet earth. JIMSDLAR is developed on the idea of providing solution to ever unanswered question and providing better answers to the questions where answer already exists. Primarily JIMSDLAR is an organization established in the domain of service industry. The company functions specifically in the areas of research consultancy and research data base maintenance.

JIMSDLAR renders high quality specifically specialized information, generated by researchers across the globe. We establish a connecting path between researchers and implementers. We showcase excellently nurtured innovative ideas at a global platform. At JIMSDLAR, we empower excellence by thriving in comprehensive areas of scientific and non-scientific research. In this age of highly fluid environment we identify problems and collect elite solutions through researchers and put them forward for understanding and implementation. In this endeavor we carry high standards of quality, ethics and creativity.